Fermented Workshop





“Kevan is a bushcraft and survival instructor by professional well as a keen amateur cook.  His first experience with fermented food was over 30 years ago when he started making his own yoghurt. His interest in edible wild plants through teaching foraging led him to explore different ways of preserving some of the wild harvest, one of which was through fermentation.  Since then he has explored many different styles of fermented foods and now runs workshops teaching others how to start their fermentation journey.  Last year he was asked to be an independent invigilator for a Guiness World Record attempt at making the worlds largest amount of sauerkraut. Having worked as a biomedical scientist for many years prior to his current career, he really enjoys the science of fermentation and this combined with his interest in holistic health and well being will share with you the benefits of these amazing probiotics and explain how they can be of benefit.”

You’ll learn how to create Sauerkraut, make a batch to take home and feel confident to ferment for yourself. You will also be taught how to make Kimchi, making  Kimchi, a lively blend of Chinese cabbage, spring onions, salt and chilli. You will learn the Kimchi techniques on making, storing and using this colourful accompaniment. The Kimchi will also be available to take home.

Kevan will cover the basics of making Yoghurt, Skyr and embark into the field of fermented drinks like Komboucha you will learn all about SCOBYS (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) and how these SCOBYS interact with each other to ferment some really vibrant and gut friendly drinks which have been in use for centuries.

Kevan will also be talking about the process of making Water and Milk Kefir. There will be an opportunity to taste these too.

Throughout the course you will get to taste samples of fermented food to build your knowledge and understanding of this fascinating process. Kevan will be on hand to guide you and answer your questions throughout this three hour workshop. At the end of the workshop you will have the opportunity to purchase some materials and ingredients, so you can create your own lacto-fermenting at home.


This workshop will take place later in the year.