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Finding Me

Living well despite cancer


Being told you have cancer can have a profound effect on your emotions, such as feeling shocked and hard to accept. You may feel frightened, angry and or extremely emotional.  And there are also financial implications…. four in five people are affected by the impact of cancer.  There will be many hospital appointments, maybe surgery, radiotherapy and or chemotherapy.


So our aim is to empower people affected by cancer with a powerful combination of emotional, physical and spiritual support.


A perception of wellbeing empowers people affected by cancer during their treatment and after treatment to conduct as normal and as active life as possible.  It is an essential part of the cancer pathway and based upon the research into Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), the study of the connections between our mind (psycho), nervous system (neuro) and immune system (immunology). Increasing evidence shows that change in our thoughts; emotions and beliefs can bring about changes in our physical health and wellbeing. PNI demonstrate that emotions such as shock, fear or anger can result in increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body; this, in turn, can stop the immune system from working at its optimal level.  Our holistic approach can lead to an overall positive outcome for a person’s health and wellbeing.

It is imperative for people affected by cancer to “find me” through their sometimes overwhelming cancer diagnosis and treatments. Lifestyle changes such as healthy eating can make a considerable difference to their wellbeing, so a balanced healthy diet is important. Physical activity significantly improves quality of life by way of fitness, energy, and strength. Complementary therapies are used to improve the quality of life as enhancing compassionate care and providing comfort during an extremely difficult time.  In addition, stress reduction techniques, such as meditation, mindfulness, and visualisation has shown to have a positive influence on wellbeing and the way the immune system work


Our vision is to create a facility that acts as a hub for people affected by cancer and their carers – inspiring the means to empower them to take control of their own lives, nourishing their ability to live well. A hub that offers to support people with compassion and bring a renewed sense of belief and control to their lives.

Under our guidance and knowledge, this will be achieved through individual personal therapies and sessions, workshops and group activities. We will support individuals to access the means to be able to discover ways to reduce stress levels and learn relaxation and mindfulness techniques; stay active and motivated; eat well and learn how the gut microbiome controls your physical biochemistry; and the mental biochemistry, which will help to strengthen the body’s immune system and reconnect with a person’s inner self and the things they truly love in life.  All of which is paramount to living well.

There will also be ongoing training for professionals to enhance their expertise and confidence to support people affected by cancer.

Our highly qualified and insured team of complementary therapists/beauty therapists, personal trainers and tutors will give free treatments/sessions to those affected by cancer.  All can be adapted to suit an individual’s current health wants and needs.



Hi, I’m Joe, I am a fully insured personal trainer and Sports Massage Therapist.  I’m all about ‘realistic fitness’, creating a training regime that suits you and your lifestyle.

We’d all love the time to train every day (or maybe not) but life is busy, so I am about coaching you to make gradual and sustainable steps for you to still enjoy life (and food) and to engrain new habits that you can maintain. I want my clients to enjoy exercise, feel comfortable, supported and empowered to reach their goals.

I have always had a desire to help, motivate and teach others, regardless of age or ability.  I work from my own Private Studio based in Stotfold,  Hertfordshire, or I can come to you.  I also run a variety of group fitness classes with more on the horizon.

tel: 07399614534
Studio:  Willowherb Way, Stotfold.



Tessa chiswell
Fun local exercise that works!



Clare is a personal development, emotional wellness trainer and coach
Empowering people is her passion. She has had over 20 years of experience from a wide variety of groups. From ex-offenders to domestic violence. From drugs and alcohol to cancer groups. Teaching self-esteem. Emotional balance. Confidence. Emotional baggage clearing. Stress management, communication plus much more. To staff and volunteers giving emotional support to people in a crisis.
Public speaking to groups of up to 250. People have found her inspiring and motivating with her down to earth and understanding attitude.
Tel:  07776481481

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We are also offering one to one virtual support and teaching for pilates, this also includes three months free subcription to all virtual pilates classes.  Please telephone us to learn more.