Wellbeing through cancer and beyond


Wellbeing through cancer and beyond – I have trained with the registered charity Amethyst Trust who has developed a new approach to treating clients living with cancer, through the creation of a specialist training course. The course is one of the first to be accepted by a leading insurance provider, has been approved by the industry standard Habia and endorsed by Penny Brohn UK.

I realised “There are a plethora of myths surrounding whether massage is safe whilst undergoing cancer treatment and the reality is that it is perfectly safe if adaptations are made. Recent research is showing that during 2016 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer, rising to 1 in 2 by 2020 so it is really important to my business that I am able to embrace the amazing benefits of massage therapy and to treat those clients safely and effectively.

Michael Connors, Director of Services at Penny Brohn Cancer Care says “We are pleased to offer our endorsement of the course that Amethyst Trust has created. Dr Catherine Zollman, Senior Clinical Lead and I have reviewed the course content and are satisfied that the course is both educational and informative. The course supports therapists to allow them to gain initial confidence and competence when working with clients who are currently being treated for cancer or who have a history of cancer.”

There has never been any reason behind the exclusion of people with cancer for massage therapy, and anyone who has been affected by cancer will know that all of the hospices throughout the UK, and now a lot of hospitals, provide massage therapies to the benefit of the patients. We also know that there is a strong desire when we are ill to be treated as ‘normal’, to be able to choose where, when and what treatments we would like to have.

All my treatments are suitable for people with cancer except for on-site chair massage.  £35.00 per hour or £45.00 for 90 minutes.

I have trained at Mount Vernon Hospital, and I am also on their accredited therapists list.



Jennifer Young www.beautydespitecancer.co.uk

I have trained in the Jennifer Young ‘Sleep Ritual’.  This healing therapy starts with a foot soak in camomile magnesium salts, whilst having a relaxing mini facial using Jennifer Young Natural and Organic products.  Then enjoy a light touch body massage including the scalp, using Jennifer Young’s indulgent night treatment oil with frankincense, lavender, ylang ylang, and geranium to send you into a meditative calm, and restful sleep. This sleep ritual is perfect for those going through cancer treatments and beyond.

£40.00 – 90 minute

At such times in my client’s lives it is a wonderful experience to be able to make a small difference to how they are feeling; touch is vital for people before cancer treatments, during cancer treatments and beyond, for their health and well-being and massage is a proven way to receive the benefits of touch. Please contact me, so we may discuss which of my complementary therapies would be best for you at this time.

Wellbeing through and beyond cancer.

Each of my therapy’s are adapted to the clients needs, and this can be discussed at the time of contact prior to carrying out my therapies.  £35.00 per hour

  • RAIN – Recognise what’s going on     Allow the experience to be there as it is     Investigate all your options     Never let cancer define you
  • STOP – Stop     Take a breath     Observe     Proceed

We have now started fundraising so my clients affected by cancer can have a free complementary therapy and access to exercise programmes, nutrition/gut health, yoga, meditation and mindfulness

Please go to my events to see my latest fundraising events.  I would love to see you there!