Perfect Peace! Debbie is the most accomplished Holistic Therapist I have ever experienced. All therapies are administered in the most serene and comforting environment imaginable. All care is taken to ensure that your own personal requirements are met. As well as being a consummate professional, she has a kind and empathetic nature which immediately relaxes and de-stresses! 50/10!

Caroline Williams

My previous review was based on Reiki alone. Since then I have been given a half hour of reflexology/foot massage followed by a half hour of Reiki. The combination works so well for me as it is both stimulating and calming at the same time. Debbie is spiritual, kind, caring and peaceful as well as being skilful, multi-talented and adaptable. These sessions mean so much to me.

Glenn Cole

Debbie is a natural healer, and I would recommend her to anyone

Pamela Reilly

I have had a number of Reiki treatments with Debbie. When I return home afterwards I usually sleep for two or three hours because I feel so relaxed. Yesterday I felt different, like my energy levels had been restored and I still feel that way.
Whatever the outcome, I always feel positive afterwards because I have been given what I need.
Glenn. 21/04/2017

Glenn Cole

Having seen an article in a newspaper about Jennifer Young treatments for people receiving cancer treatment I came across Debbie's details on a directory. The amount of information that you receive when diagnosed with cancer can be quite overwhelming and it is hard to navigate through to find the support you actually need. I am so very pleased that I found Debbie. Having spoken to her on the phone at length I felt reassured that she listened to me and my needs as a person rather than someone suffering with cancer. One of the issues that I was really looking to address was the Insomnia that I have suffered with for some years. I had a blissful two hour session where I felt totally cared for and relaxed receiving a combination of treatments a facial,light massage,Reflexology and Reiki. I slept well the night I had my treatment and I am sleeping better generally. Debbie is a very caring,sensitive and empathetic lady so I will be a recipient of her gentle, magic hands to help support me in my recovery.

Angela Fox

I haven't know Debbie long but feel I have known her all my life. She is amazing at what she does and an hour being treated by her is like two weeks in the Caribbean. I would whole heartedly recommend her. I am going through an extremely stressful time at the moment and I don't know what I would do without her care and support.

Julie Meredith

The experience was amazing. I would recommend her to anyone. As soon as you are with her a tranquil feeling hits you.
I have terminal lung cancer and several other ailments so I chose not to have chemo as I didn't feel strong enough to cope with it. When Debbie works on me with reflexology and reiki I can feel all sorts of things happening to my body and when she has finished I feel so much better. She doesn't ask what you want done but always seems to hit the right spots. She has made much more impact on my condition mentally and physically than all the oncologists and doctors. I cannot praise her highly enough. She is such a lovely lady and so clever and sincere with her work

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Lynne Meredith

By chance my daughter meeting Debbie through her work when I was going through a really anxious and upsetting time in my life with my health, she has really helped with my progressive recovery. Debbie is the kindest, understanding and most caring person without seeing her I am sure that I would not be making the progress that I am. I have a mixture of reiki and reflexology and it has really helped with my mental health. She listens to how you’re feeling and with her skills and spirituality I always leave her feeling very positive and relaxed. Thank you Debbie.

Karen burley

I have had wonderful treatments with Debbie including facial reflexology and reiki which leave me feeling incredibly calm and relaxed. She is lovely to chat to and is a very caring and thoughtful person. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Alexandra Day
Claire Evans

What a wonderful morning I’ve just had! I met Debbie and who was wonderful, very caring and made me feel so comfortable. She devised a treatment especially for me due to having breast cancer and I have to say it made me relax totally which I haven’t been able to do lately. Her support made me quite emotional and I was astonished with the feelings I had throughout the treatment. I would highly recommend Debbie especially if you are going through a difficult time. Sometimes is just nice to have someone to go to who understands.

Claire Evans

I found Debbie's details whilst looking for alternative treatment options for my Son, who had been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL). He was struggling with his energy levels, and was approximately 2 and a half years into a gruelling 3 and a half year chemotherapy regime.

Debbie's warmth, sincerity, passion and knowledge was felt from my first contact with her. Her desire to provide us with details of other organisations who might be able to support us instead of, or aswell as her, was recognised as kind, ethical and professional. She is gifted at making you feel cared for, comfortable and in control of your treatments, and your life. She always worked collaboratively with my Son, and asked him at every visit what it was he needed, or wanted. We have both benefitted hugely from her care, skill, support and containment, and I would recommend her in an instant.

Eve Tomlin

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