Zone Face Lift

The Zone Face Lift promotes a bespoke and holistic approach to helping you naturally look your best.

It’s All about Ageing Well

 I have now trained with ‘facial reflexologist to the stars’ Ziggie Bergman who pioneered the Zone Face Lift (ZFL) and is widely regarded as the UK’s leading facial reflexologist and holistic beauty expert.
The treatment focuses on the holistic benefits, crystals and visualisations which bring a spiritual element all of which ultimately leads to you feeling better and therefore looking better and also incorporates facial reflexology…….
Facial Reflexoloy is similar normal reflexology but for the face and uses the same principles such as ‘foot’ reflexology, so points on your face are connected to areas on your body. Stimulating these points helps your body rebalance, eliminate toxins, smooth, tighten and lift the face to leave you with a glow and feeling completely relaxed.  It’s also good for reducing the symptoms of nasties like IBS, stress, sleep disorders and hormone imbalances.

Benefits of Zone Face Lift.

  •  Naturally stimulates collagen and elastin from the inside, tightens, plumps, sculpts the neck line, smooths and lifts the face, leaving a glowing complexion after just one treatment.
  • Calming and uplifting, with all the health benefits of Reflexology.
  • A non-invasive treatment based on the principle that Reflex points on your face are connected to every area of your body, and that stimulating the Reflexes helps to balance the corresponding body parts.
  • Helps to reduce stress as well as migraines, sinus problems, insomnia, teeth grinding, IBS, joint pain and depression.

For best results, it is recommended to book a course of 12 treatments, however booking regular treatments will still help you age well and feel amazing. It’s cheaper than Botox (and probably more effective with no nasty side effects) and totally relaxing! £65.00 per 75 minute session

 Your Inner Peace Zone Face Lift